Privacy Policy

Hey Green Thumb Superstar! We’re thrilled you’re part of the community. We wanted to let you in on how we handle your info – as carefully as we handle our favorite plants.

What We Sprinkle In Our Basket:

  1. Your information :  When you sign up for our newsletter or snag some goodies, we might ask for your name, email, and billing info. Just the essentials to keep the gardening party going.
  2. How You Glide Through Our Garden: We also collect non-personal info, like what browser you use and which pages you dig. It helps us make your time here even more fantastic.

How We Use Your Magic Info:

  1. Crafting Your Dream Garden: Your info helps us send you cool stuff and make sure your orders bloom perfectly.
  2. Sprinkling Stardust on Our Website: The non-personal info is like our secret garden tool – it helps us keep our Website fresh and exciting.

Cookies – Not the Chocolate Chip Kind:

  1. Tiny Tech Sidekicks: We use cookies to make sure everything runs smoothly. They’re like the fairies of the internet, making things magical.
  2. Feel Free to Skip the Cookie Jar: You can turn off cookies in your browser settings, but just a heads-up, it might affect some features. No pressure, though!

We’re Like Fort Knox for Your Secrets:

  1. Your Secrets Stay Safe : We’re not into selling, trading, or sharing your personal info. Your secrets are safe with us!
  2. Links to Wonderland: Just a quick heads-up, we can’t vouch for the privacy vibes of other websites if you click on links from ours.

Guardians of Your Info Castle:

  1. Locking Up Tight: We’ve got security measures in place to keep your info safe from any online sneakiness.

No Kids’ Club Here:

  1. Grown-Ups Only: Our Website is like a cozy coffee shop for adults – not really the kiddo hangout. If you’re a parent, keep an eye on your little sprouts online.

Changes in the Wind:

  • Keeping You in the Loop: If we ever switch things up in this Privacy Policy garden, we’ll let you know right here.

Questions? Let’s Have a Chat!

Wondering about anything in this Privacy Policy? Shoot us an email at We’re here to make your gardening adventure as breezy as a sunny day in the garden.

By strolling through our Website, you’re giving us the green light for how we handle your info.

Happy Gardening!

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